Cascade Pond

 Many homeowners enjoy sitting in their yards, enjoying the relaxing sound of water flowing over their pond's waterfall. There are many styles and types of cascade ponds and waterfalls. Many cascade ponds have multiple levels that cascade water in several locations with several pond reservoirs to stock with plants and fish.Several styles of pond can be arranged into cascade arrangements with waterfall setups. Preformed ponds can be purchased from lawn and garden stores, or landscaping specialists can design customized concrete ponds and cascades. Many styles of concrete pond can be made to look incredibly similar to natural waterfalls. Concrete can be poured to look like rocks and other natural elements.Due to the constant running water, many pond cascades are the perfect setting for a variety of plants and fish. Many species of fish enjoy a strong current of water and thrive in systems that contain this. Running water will also keep algae at bay and spread nutrients around, which will help plants to grow.

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