Spa Aquarium

The peaceful nature and attractiveness of an aquarium (fresh or saltwater), has been shown to significantly reduce stress and blood pressure levels. Even gazing at a decorative fishless tank has proven to assist in reducing stress and high blood pressure. Even greater improvement is found in individuals who have watched fish-filled aquariums. Various studies have shown that those who have spent a little time each day watching fish, have greatly reduced stress and blood pressure levels. The more attractive your tank is, the bigger the health benefits will be.

There are yet more health benefits to having an aquarium in your Spa. Because aquariums reduce stress and lower blood pressure, heart attack victims that gaze at them tend to live longer. The stress reduction can also aid in curing insomnia. Sitting hyperactive children in front of an aquarium rather than a television set can calm them. On the other end of the age spectrum, Alzheimer's patients tend to have an increased appetite and become less aggressive if they have fish to watch.

Owning an aquarium also has educational benefits. The chance to observe nature is right in your living room. You have the ability to watch the fish interact with plants, the environment, food, and each other in a replica of their natural habitat. Setting one up as a novice can be a learning experience in itself!
So there you have it. Given the many potential health benefits resulting from owning a freshwater aquarium, it makes good sense to get involved. Set one up for yourself OR if you have an elderly relative who is not well, you might consider setting up an aquarium for them. They will certainly thank you for it.
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