Phosban Reactors

The presence of algae is a normal part of keeping an aquarium. However, aggressive algae growth is a good indication that your system is out of balance. Excess nutrients, including phosphate, trigger aggressive algae growth. The PhosBan Reacter maximizes chemical filtration utilizing the up-flow principle to gently fluidize the chemical filter media. Even distribution of water through the reactor increases surface area contact, achieving the most efficient use of PhosBan or other chemical filter media.
Chemical media are most effective when paired with proper husbandry. Use them as an effective prevention, rather than a remedy. Once algae is to reach nuisance proportions, it becomes much more difficult to control. A bit of prevention goes a long way.

Maintain Balance

Every time we feed our fish, we introduce nutrients into the system. Regular water changes help remove and dilute high concentrations of nutrients such as phosphate that feed algae. Phosphate is also present in some source water. When nutrient levels are too high, aggressive water changes would be stressful to aquarium inhabitants, thus we need help from other methods to further remove excess nutrients. This is where Filter Media such as PhosBan, play an important role.

Ban Phosphate

PhosBan safely keeps phosphate levels low in freshwater and saltwater (including reef) aquariums for several months. This super adsorbent media effectively binds large amounts of phosphate, organic compounds, and other pollutants. This prevents algae from using these nutrients and helps control outbreaks. PhosBan will not leach material even when fully saturated.

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