Custom Aquarium

When it comes to custom aquariums, ADI is the industry leader. If you can imagine it we can build it. Any shape, any size, any style, anywhere. Our team of designers will consult with your architect, interior designer or builder. We can assist you with reading your blueprints and auto-cad drawings and advise you. If requested, we can do all the necessary design work ourselves. We will travel all over the India to help make your aquarium dreams come true ADI designs, builds, consults, travels, and installs. We do it all. We are the only true, one stop, turn-key aquarium builder in India.

ADI is the world's number one manufacturer of custom acrylic aquariums.Our walk-in oven allows us a full engineering staff to produce innovative designs in capacities from 50 to over 50,000 Liters, and in nearly any shape: Cylindrical (Seamless), Pyramidal, hexagonal, oval, U shaped, Rectangular and combinations of these. 
The possibilities are truly endless. In addition ADI boasts a full cabinetry shop, responsible for the design and manufacturing of custom aquarium. 

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