Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance

An aquarium can provide a beneficial focal point in any environment, home or office alike. Once installed it offers a therapeutic visual distraction to escape the stress and strain of today's hectic pace. But only if it looks good. . .
That's why we've created a series of fish tank maintenance packages giving you the choice to option for Weakly, quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly visits to suit your needs.
Do as much or little as you want to enjoy your aquarium. We offer all levels of maintenance, from a total care package to an occasional helping hand.

We offer a weekly twice cleaning service for saltwater aquarium providing the comprehensive support needed to maintain a healthy, thriving marine environment.
Your aquarium is like its own mini-ecosystem. When everything is in balance, all species in your aquarium tank thrive. But that balance can be hard to maintain, especially for complex ecosystems like freshwater and marine aquarium and multi-species environments. The professionals at Aquarium Design India keep your aquarium in natural harmony so that it remains healthy and thriving.

Aquarium Design India provides both freshwater aquarium maintenance services for residential, commercial, and the entertainment industry. Convenience - You don't have to worry about cleaning the tank, maintaining critical levels like salinity and PH, or other time consuming and sometimes complex procedures. Healthier Livestock - Fish, coral, and other species all then to do better when cared for by professional aquarists.
Available Emergency Services- Professional aquarists tend to spot sick fish or poor living environments faster, and immediately know what to do to prevent the spread of disease and improve tank conditions.
Our professionals are equipped with a full necessary tools and supplies needed including additives, foods, tools, test-kits, and even livestock right to your doorstep at no additional charge. 
 For the best in personalized aquarium maintenance, contact Aquarium Design India.  Our expert technicians specialize in all types and sizes of aquatic displays.  Our years of experience mean an efficient and worry Free Experience For you.
We also have extensive experience in providing aquarium installations of almost any size.
Pond Looking for ways to improve the health of your pond?  The professional pond consultants at Aquarium Design india provide maintence services for ponds, so you'll never have to worry that your pond isn't getting the quality care it needs.And if you find yourself expecting last minute guests, a clean aquatic display in just a phone call away with our 24-hour service.

  • Exterior aquarium surface
  • Interior aquarium surface
  • Aquarium covers
  • Light fixtures
  • Filters
  • Ornaments
  • Gravel vacuum
  • Protein skimmers

  • Chemical balance
  • Water temperature
  • Filter flow
  • Add any necessary supplements,trace elements & vitamins
  • Water changes Fish Check
  • Head count
  • Disease watch
  • Replacement of sick fish
  • Monitor food inventory
  • Provide advice on fish compatibility

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