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With over 25 years of collective experience in the aquarium industry, the people of Aquarium Design India are highly skilled in design, manufacturing, installation and maintain of custom aquarium systems. we have delivered thousands of systems to clients, Aquarium shops, Aquarium contractors Chennai, Tamil Nadu and throughout India, and in the process, have established our reputation as the industry leader. Aquarium Design India is the country's leading specialist in contemporary fish tanks which are incorporated into unique pieces of furniture. See our Marine aquariums, Tropical fresh water aquariums, live Natural planted aquariums, Angle fish aquariums, Chicled aquariums, Vasthu Aruvana, Floran aquariums, coffee tables, Slim wall hanging picture frame Plasma aquariums, bars, counters, column tower aquariums, cylinders, cubes, semi circles and hexagon tanks, with connecting tunnels for the fish to swim through. Aquarium Design India is a custom aquarium and ponds and Water Feature company specializing in the integration of cutting edge designs, brilliant colors, and mesmerizing effects. Using our proprietary filtration system, customized glass and acrylic aquariums, and carefully selected and compatible aquarium and pond life, Aquarium Design India, the company dedicated to the marine aquarist from beginner to adanced.(more)

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Residential Aquarium

They are a pretty and yet, interesting addition to make your home look better! Proven Health Benefits from Aquariums In the midst of technology boom like the myriad cable channels and addictive video games, an aquarium is a refreshing and entertaining additi...

Commercial Aquarium

Commercial fish tanks are gaining in popularity as business from restaurants to stores to doctors to corporate offices choose to add them to their decor. The benefits of adding commercial fish tanks extend far beyond simply adding a pretty piece to existing decor. One of the first benefi...

Aquarium Accessoriess

Much has been said about the difficulty in keeping marine fish. There are so many conflicting opinions on the way forward in keeping marine species in captivity. what the filtration system should achieve. Improvements in the equipment and modern filtration has made a significant difference to the s...

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