Hospital Aquarium

Aquariums are known to have a calming effect on people, which is important in an emergency waiting room of a hospital, where people may be in crisis."We actually have compelling scientific evidence that a 'natural environment,' whether it is a view of a garden or, in this case, a beautiful underwater scene, actually helps patients stay calm as they deal with the stress of being in a hospital. Fish aquariums have proven relaxation effects on people who are in stressful waiting situations, whereas televisions have been proven to have the opposite effect. The aquarium is a perfect solution. Aquarium Design India M.D Mr JBR agreed, saying, "This is a great opportunity for us to help our community by providing a beautiful aquarium scene in our hospital. Nature is a great stress  reliever  and  we  hope  people  will  experience  a  moment  of  calm  during  stressful situations as they view the live aquarium feed. 
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