Floor Aquarium

We are a unique who seriously take our hobby to extremes and the NEXT level.
A floor aquarium can be both an attractive piece of furniture and an asset to your tropical fish hobby Designed at par with latest market trends,.. By building the tank on the floor, you can avoid investing in a traditional aquarium. This are a perfect piece of art work and known as small piece of the ocean at home. High-end design and ease-of-maintenance blend seamlessly into your lifestyle. This stylish professional aquarium system elevates form and function to the next level. Beautiful frameless Acrylic aquarium boasts an unique shape to enhance the view from all angles. The result is a spectacular, eye-catching addition to enjoy at home or office. Completely hidden filtration system employs mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration PLUS a venturi protein skimmer for efficient 4-stage filtration. This superior filtration system means a healthy environment for aquarium inhabitants with minimal effort.  The Floor Aquarium System lets you explore your creative side whether you desire a marine or freshwater setup. Finishing your foor Aquarium with wood trim will complete the custom look.
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