Commercial Aquarium

                  Commercial fish tanks are gaining in popularity as business from restaurants to stores to doctors to corporate offices choose to add them to their decor. The benefits of adding commercial fish tanks extend far beyond simply adding a pretty piece to existing decor. One of the first benefits of commercial fish tanks is that a feel of permanence can be added to an office or business as a fish tank represents a long term commitment. Commercial fish tank exude a soothing atmosphere, being especially helpful in otherwise stressful environments. For instance, Offices have waiting rooms where potential clients or customers spend significant time. Also in a doctor's office where patients may be on edge awaiting diagnosis or treatment, it can be very calming to have commercial fish tanks as a part of the decor. Fish that are displayed in commercial fish tanks are of very bright colors creating a positive atmosphere. At restaurants, without any perverse connection to the serving of seafood, commercial fish tanks can create an ambiance that tells clientele that this is an upscale establishment where great care is taken to maintain the decor. No matter what the intent behind having commercial fish tanks, the benefits that can be realized through their placement can be endless! By working closely with ArchitectsInterior Designers and Builders we can create a unique aquarium from start to finish using only quality materials, to strict specifications. The end result is a quality piece individually designed and installed to the highest standard.
Thecommercial Exhibits Division of Aquarium Design India Focuses on the development and execution of public Aquarium,Zoo's Museum's and large Scale aquarium Feature Projects.Aquarium design India Commercial Exhibits Division is your answer for a sole source company.Aquarium Design India also has the ability to do"Design Build" projects as well as project Managment.We specialize in the supply and instalation of underwater pannel and exhibit waterproofing.While Many companies may offer commercial Aquarium Services,Aquarium design India offers the customer service and expert knowledge of commercial aquarium excibit that is matched by none.The custom Acrylic aquariums can be designed and build anywhere in India.Making this company a clear choise for your commercial aquarium need.
But our services do not stop there. For those who require ongoing maintenance of their aquarium, our comprehensive range of packages ensure that we have an option to suit everyone.

We offer a FREE no obligation site visit, ideal for those considering commissioning a custom built fish tank.

fdfMATERIALS: Glass or acrylic subject to size and technical constraints of aquarium
fdfLIVESTOCK: Tropical or marine

Acrylic Aquarium

The relaxation benefits alone are phenomenal. 
A stunning marine aquarium enhancing the living space within a light and spacious basement conversion.An ultra chic, ultra modern marine aquarium within a highly prestigious office. The blue lighting and white interior aquascaping complements the contemporary minimalist white panels concealing the access cupboards. A built in aquarium is an excellent room divider for a number of reasons.  The first is the sheer beauty that they add to your home!  Instead of staring at a blank wall or a generic picture, imagine being able to look at a beautifully lit aquarium with fish gently swimming around and undulating plants.  The relaxation benefits alone are phenomenal.Built in aquarium also gives you a feeling of separation without making the space feel smaller, due to the fact that light still travels through the aquarium.  You also won't lose any natural daylight in the room and the lighting may actually be improved simply from the aquarium lighting itself.  Imagine that tranquil glow at night!

There are two ways that you can use a built in aquarium as a room divider.  The first is to actually build the aquarium into the dividing wall (such as the wall between the kitchen and dining room, or the dining and living rooms).  Depending on the size of the aquarium, you will need to reinforce the wall to hold the weight of both the aquarium and its contents and you'll also need to ensure that there is a space either around the aquarium itself or close by in order to hold all of the equipment necessary for the running of the aquarium such as the water filter, the pump, the heater and so on.
The second way that you can use a built in aquarium as a room divider is to use a specialist tank that is essentially built in place where you want to have a form of division. This is particularly practical in more open plan areas.  This consists of an aquarium built to your desired size in your desired location. The aquarium can be floor to ceiling for a true wall effect or it can be housed within specialist cabinetry which will hide all of the running equipment such as the filter.
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Piller Aquarium

Unique and highly detailed pieces are the perfect accessory to any interior
If you are designing a new atrium for your office building. Often, visitors are intimidated and overwhelmed by large, empty spaces. Perhaps that is not the first impression you want to give. We can design, build, and install a full wall-sized aquarium that will bring warmth and ambient light into your atrium. You will still impress your visitors without making them feel daunted. A relaxation zone of white serenity is further enhanced with the addition of two blue lit. The mirrored back aquariums set the mood by maximising on the calming influence that an aquarium provides its on lookers. By working closely with Architects, Interior Designers and Builders we can create a unique aquarium from start to finish using only quality materials, to strict specifications. The end result is a quality piece individually designed and installed to the highest standard.
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Floor Aquarium

We are a unique who seriously take our hobby to extremes and the NEXT level.
A floor aquarium can be both an attractive piece of furniture and an asset to your tropical fish hobby Designed at par with latest market trends,.. By building the tank on the floor, you can avoid investing in a traditional aquarium. This are a perfect piece of art work and known as small piece of the ocean at home. High-end design and ease-of-maintenance blend seamlessly into your lifestyle. This stylish professional aquarium system elevates form and function to the next level. Beautiful frameless Acrylic aquarium boasts an unique shape to enhance the view from all angles. The result is a spectacular, eye-catching addition to enjoy at home or office. Completely hidden filtration system employs mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration PLUS a venturi protein skimmer for efficient 4-stage filtration. This superior filtration system means a healthy environment for aquarium inhabitants with minimal effort.  The Floor Aquarium System lets you explore your creative side whether you desire a marine or freshwater setup. Finishing your foor Aquarium with wood trim will complete the custom look.
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Koi Pond Aquarium

To most people a water garden simply wouldn't be complete without fish swimming through the water. Whether we keep fish for their bright shimmering colors, the movement in the water, or for the more practical reasons such as mosquito control, fish are an important addition to a pond. Some of us name our fish and care for them as we would any other pet.

Koi ponds are ponds used for holding koi, usually as part of a landscape. Koi ponds can be designed specifically to promote health and growth of the Nishkigoi or Japanese Ornamental Carp.
The architecture of the koi pond can have a great effect on the health and wellbeing of the koi. The practice of keeping koi often revolves around "finishing" a koi at the right time. The concept of finishing means that the fish has reached is highest potential. A koi pond is different from a water garden because  Koi limit the amount of plant life available to be grown. Simply put: koi eat some Plants. A koi pond should also be larger because koi get quite large despite the size of the pond, it is recommended that a koi pond be no less than 1000 gallons in volume, the bigger the better. It also needs to have an area of the pond at least 3 feet deep, 4  5 may be better. Most ponds will be enjoyed more if they are installed close to the home. Select an area where you can see the pond year round. Ponds are great attracters of wildlife including birds and butterflies.The sound of running water adds greatly to the enjoyment of the pond.
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Custom Aquarium

When it comes to custom aquariums, ADI is the industry leader. If you can imagine it we can build it. Any shape, any size, any style, anywhere. Our team of designers will consult with your architect, interior designer or builder. We can assist you with reading your blueprints and auto-cad drawings and advise you. If requested, we can do all the necessary design work ourselves. We will travel all over the India to help make your aquarium dreams come true ADI designs, builds, consults, travels, and installs. We do it all. We are the only true, one stop, turn-key aquarium builder in India.

ADI is the world's number one manufacturer of custom acrylic aquariums.Our walk-in oven allows us a full engineering staff to produce innovative designs in capacities from 50 to over 50,000 Liters, and in nearly any shape: Cylindrical (Seamless), Pyramidal, hexagonal, oval, U shaped, Rectangular and combinations of these. 
The possibilities are truly endless. In addition ADI boasts a full cabinetry shop, responsible for the design and manufacturing of custom aquarium. 

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Hospital Aquarium

Aquariums are known to have a calming effect on people, which is important in an emergency waiting room of a hospital, where people may be in crisis."We actually have compelling scientific evidence that a 'natural environment,' whether it is a view of a garden or, in this case, a beautiful underwater scene, actually helps patients stay calm as they deal with the stress of being in a hospital. Fish aquariums have proven relaxation effects on people who are in stressful waiting situations, whereas televisions have been proven to have the opposite effect. The aquarium is a perfect solution. Aquarium Design India M.D Mr JBR agreed, saying, "This is a great opportunity for us to help our community by providing a beautiful aquarium scene in our hospital. Nature is a great stress  reliever  and  we  hope  people  will  experience  a  moment  of  calm  during  stressful situations as they view the live aquarium feed. 
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Office Aquarium

A growing trend in office design is the use of "living" materials. Atriums with plants and water, live plants, and aquatic environments Why not?Living art for your work environment. More soothing than paintings or photos. More intelligible than piped-in music. A tropical saltwater, freshwater tank can calm nerves and lend a natural creative edge to the workplace. How can you enjoy the use of the same? Time to put your fish to work: put 'em in this office aquarium, complete with desk, computer, lamp, chair and potted plant! After a tiring day looking at the smoggy cityscape or the hustling traffic, don't you feel like giving your eyes a break? Don't you think at times, even you need a break from everything and indulge in something you like? A pet can be a good option, but we're talking about something even better and more indulging. We are talking about owning a pet fish tank in your very own office. Don't you think it is an awesome way to give your senses a soothing break? An Office Aquarium brings peace and tranquility to your executive employee's offices. Imagine a cute little fishs or a couple of them, swimming right on your office table or on a stand in your drawing room. This kind of setup not just lifts up the overall mood of the room, but also looks aesthetically appealing. In addition, maintaining one or a couple of fish, is not exactly time consuming. Just give them fish food to nibble at regular intervals and they will be a treat to watch. If you are still not convinced, why not look at our rare collections to add that vibrant touch and feel to your office.Aquarium Design India provides full aquarium maintenance & service anywhere in the Chennai area. Enjoy a beautiful freshwater, marine, or reef aquarium in your home or business completely hassle-free. Aquarium Design India will deliver and install your fish tank and equipment, stock the aquarium with the fish, plants, corals, and other creatures of your choice, and provide full maintenance on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Aquarium Design India will set up a maintenance schedule at your best convenience. Our technicians are trained professionals in aquarium care and and will work to ensure the success of your tropical fish aquarium ecosystem.

Aquarium Design India promises a colorful and diverse aquarium display in your home or office that will provide hours of pleasure and beauty. We also guarantee peace of mind. We take care of everything! All you do is feed your fish and enjoy the view. And remember, "We put fish to work!"
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Hotel Aquarium

Nothing brings elegance and class to a restaurant, hotel, or office space quite like an aquarium. Aquarium Design India of Chennai specializes in full custom aquarium design for any commercial space. We incorporate your aquarium into your new or existing design so that it becomes part of the room, not just an item in it. Aquarium can only be described as a dining attraction.  The word restaurant is inadequate to capture the glamorous and complex underwater setting. "Good, basic seafood great flavor with Aquarium is what it is about. That's why people come.  And why they come back. The entertainment value comes First To the great delight of both children and adults.
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Bar Aquarium

This spectacular and stylish custom designed bar aquarium creates a beautiful drinks area with a difference.By working closely with Architects, Interior Designers and Builders we can create a unique bar aquarium from start to finish using only quality materials, to strict specifications. The end result is a quality piece individually designed and installed to the highest standard.But our services do not stop there. For those who require ongoing maintenance of their aquarium, our comprehensive range of packages ensure that we have an option to suit everyone.

We offer a FREE no obligation site visit, ideal for those considering commissioning a custom built fish tank.
MATERIALS: Glass or acrylic subject to size
and technical constraints of aquarium

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Reception Aquarium

If you are designing a new atrium for your office building. Often, visitors are intimidated and overwhelmed by large, empty spaces. Perhaps that is not the first impression you want to give. We can design, build, and install a full wall-sized aquarium that will bring warmth and ambient light into your atrium. You will still impress your visitors without making them feel daunted.

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Spa Aquarium

The peaceful nature and attractiveness of an aquarium (fresh or saltwater), has been shown to significantly reduce stress and blood pressure levels. Even gazing at a decorative fishless tank has proven to assist in reducing stress and high blood pressure. Even greater improvement is found in individuals who have watched fish-filled aquariums. Various studies have shown that those who have spent a little time each day watching fish, have greatly reduced stress and blood pressure levels. The more attractive your tank is, the bigger the health benefits will be.

There are yet more health benefits to having an aquarium in your Spa. Because aquariums reduce stress and lower blood pressure, heart attack victims that gaze at them tend to live longer. The stress reduction can also aid in curing insomnia. Sitting hyperactive children in front of an aquarium rather than a television set can calm them. On the other end of the age spectrum, Alzheimer's patients tend to have an increased appetite and become less aggressive if they have fish to watch.

Owning an aquarium also has educational benefits. The chance to observe nature is right in your living room. You have the ability to watch the fish interact with plants, the environment, food, and each other in a replica of their natural habitat. Setting one up as a novice can be a learning experience in itself!
So there you have it. Given the many potential health benefits resulting from owning a freshwater aquarium, it makes good sense to get involved. Set one up for yourself OR if you have an elderly relative who is not well, you might consider setting up an aquarium for them. They will certainly thank you for it.
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Theam Park Aquarium

MGM DIZZEE WORLD Sea World Aquarium
These attractions make great kids vacations but are also educational and interesting for the entire family. Like so many endeavors, it's never too early to get kids involved in the environment with exposure through these well-designed theme parks that serve both as entertainment and education. According to a 2008 national public opinion survey 79 percent of Americans believe that zoos and aquariums are good for their local economy, and an impressive 80 percent believe that zoos and aquariums are important enough to local communities to be supported by government funding.
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Tunnel Aquarium

An Aquarium Tunnel is the most effective way to allow people to be underwater without actually getting wet. The view of fish and other aquatic wildlife from underneath is the most unique and unnatural view available. There is something very ominous about a shark swimming overhead less than three feet away. The Aquarium Tunnel can be used both in freshwater and saltwater exhibits. 
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Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance

An aquarium can provide a beneficial focal point in any environment, home or office alike. Once installed it offers a therapeutic visual distraction to escape the stress and strain of today's hectic pace. But only if it looks good. . .
That's why we've created a series of fish tank maintenance packages giving you the choice to option for Weakly, quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly visits to suit your needs.
Do as much or little as you want to enjoy your aquarium. We offer all levels of maintenance, from a total care package to an occasional helping hand.

We offer a weekly twice cleaning service for saltwater aquarium providing the comprehensive support needed to maintain a healthy, thriving marine environment.
Your aquarium is like its own mini-ecosystem. When everything is in balance, all species in your aquarium tank thrive. But that balance can be hard to maintain, especially for complex ecosystems like freshwater and marine aquarium and multi-species environments. The professionals at Aquarium Design India keep your aquarium in natural harmony so that it remains healthy and thriving.

Aquarium Design India provides both freshwater aquarium maintenance services for residential, commercial, and the entertainment industry. Convenience - You don't have to worry about cleaning the tank, maintaining critical levels like salinity and PH, or other time consuming and sometimes complex procedures. Healthier Livestock - Fish, coral, and other species all then to do better when cared for by professional aquarists.
Available Emergency Services- Professional aquarists tend to spot sick fish or poor living environments faster, and immediately know what to do to prevent the spread of disease and improve tank conditions.
Our professionals are equipped with a full necessary tools and supplies needed including additives, foods, tools, test-kits, and even livestock right to your doorstep at no additional charge. 
 For the best in personalized aquarium maintenance, contact Aquarium Design India.  Our expert technicians specialize in all types and sizes of aquatic displays.  Our years of experience mean an efficient and worry Free Experience For you.
We also have extensive experience in providing aquarium installations of almost any size.
Pond Looking for ways to improve the health of your pond?  The professional pond consultants at Aquarium Design india provide maintence services for ponds, so you'll never have to worry that your pond isn't getting the quality care it needs.And if you find yourself expecting last minute guests, a clean aquatic display in just a phone call away with our 24-hour service.

  • Exterior aquarium surface
  • Interior aquarium surface
  • Aquarium covers
  • Light fixtures
  • Filters
  • Ornaments
  • Gravel vacuum
  • Protein skimmers

  • Chemical balance
  • Water temperature
  • Filter flow
  • Add any necessary supplements,trace elements & vitamins
  • Water changes Fish Check
  • Head count
  • Disease watch
  • Replacement of sick fish
  • Monitor food inventory
  • Provide advice on fish compatibility

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Are You Looking for a high end custom
built fish tank here in.

Aquarium Design India does not only build the best unique aquariums.we also offer full design, set up and maintenance programs to make your custom aquarium experience 
hassle free.
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